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. >> yeah, pretty cool. coming up, remember michael jackson's landmark "bad" album, 25 years later. >> first, an unusual arrest involving a riding lawnmower yes, and a guy that had to get to the supermarket and his son was in the middle of this. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no-no hair remover. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. try finish free. visit us on facebook. ♪ [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] introducing zzzqu sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] because sleep is a beautiful thing. [ birds chirping ] introducing zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> welcome back to "world news now." a tennis referee accused of killing her husband with a coffee cup wi
.98 a gallon. michael jackson woull have turned 54 years old last week. his llgacy is alive in the movessof a this morning's cover story... paul essler reports why the young man takes to the streets. streets. (pkg)) it's a workday mmrket.02.35.50 (car horn nat) the bustle of baltimore breaks for a moment.2.33.31 stopped our entire day, and pust aptured us." or maybe, for some, more than just a moment.2.33.05 woman lauuhing: "he's awesome.. that man...02.47.25 ((ff cam) woman: "yeeeeeeeeah!" behind the crowd.2.42.56 (off cam) woman: you got it, baby." with the shoo- stopppng, city- slowing moves: "dimiiri. his name is dimitri." he's a street performer. 2.09.57 man: "look at ttat charisma. he's got the moves. he got the schmooze, man. he know what going on!"2.01.35 dmitri in between songs: "it's just like ((ound effect), and i ake up and eeeeybody's here." dimitri reeves is knoon around these parts... cheoreography good. i like it. it's like the fourth time i seeing him."2.41.44 woman:: "c''on, dude. do the damn thing. oothe damn thing!" 2.39.0
parties to reach. meantime, don't go anywhere, because michael jackson -- >> wow! >> lord, the e-mails regarding his condition before he died and before that huge big concert tour, and they suggest this was one real sick man. and we will talk about the legal implications in a moment. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco. i'm also a survivor of ovarian a writand uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick...and then i got better. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told
. the michael jackson album 25 years later. >> we'll talk to our music guru, bruno del granado about the impact of this new michael jackson cd and a new documentary about the late singer. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ i'm bad >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations. ♪ i'm bad i'm bad ♪ you know i'm bad ♪ i'm bad i'm bad >>> sunny got the dance. who can forget that? michael jackson may be doing something in death that he never got to do in life. make a comeback that is. >> that's right, sony records has released "bad 25." a compilation of remastered hits. and unreleased material. spike lee has a new documentary that highlights some of jackson's better days. joining us via skype to talk more about this is music and media consultant, my friend, bruno del granado. how are you doing? >> good morning, sunny. good morning, john. >> good morning. >> well, bruno, tell us, why is there such a commotion around the 25th anniversary of michael jackson's "bad" album? >> well, because we have to go back to 1987 when "bad" was about to come out. an
. >> cold. >> now let's look -- >> cold freezing. >> let's look at the case involving michael jackson and his promoter, aeg, lloyd's of london which was the insurer of aeg, the promoter of his "this is it" tour is saying that they shouldn't have to pay out any of that $17 million settlement because there are e-mails that have now surfaced that aeg knew that michael jackson was "locked up in his room drunk and despondent." so richard, is this a legitimate argument that the insurer can make that they may have known that he was physically or mentally in trouble and that the promoters should have done more to protect their client as opposed to now trying to cash in on insurance? >> it's a core argument, fred. you remember in the movie "squarface" when frank lopez telling tony montana, don't be a hazard, tony, don't be a pig. in this case aeg has made over $260 million upon the death of michael jackson, without one concert being held. now, they sue aeg because they took out -- excuse me, they sue lloyd's of london because they took out an insurance policy for $17 million to say if michael
at an air show in iowa. the plit loses control and plunges to his death. >>> fears about michael jackson's state of mind before his death. one of them calling him, quote, a bas accouket case." >>> good morning. we begin this labor day with a busy working holiday in the presidential race. >> this morning, delegates will begin arriving in charlotte, north carolina, for the convention. brandi hitt is in charlotte, already. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: today, they're taking over the streets of charlotte. they're starting to put up a stage behind me. this is a kickoff party. in fact, the first big name to arrive today is first lady michelle obama. >> it is time to move forward, that's the choice in this election. >> reporter: this week, it's the democrats' turn to rally support behind president obama and his bid for a second term. the stage is set in charlotte, with democrats billing their national convention the most open convention in history. >> front row, right up front and personal. >> reporter: democrats are using star power to get their message across, all week long. including ap
michael was having fun. >>> priyah clemens cbs news. >>> fears about michael jackson's mental and physical health leading up to his death what was said in e-mail's from jackson's mental and physical health leading up to his death what was said in e-mail's from concert promoters. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, visit tempurpedic.com. >>> people went to the movies this weekend to get scared the possession debuted at no. 1 ringing in $18 million. lawless debuted at a distance second running out top five expendables 2, born legacy and para norman. the like your movie popcorn with butter an
michael jackson por la condiciÓn fÍsica del artista. >> en las montaÑas de san cam a gabriel han obligado la evacuaciÓn de miles de personas. en casas mÓviles y varias casas elÉctricas ha consumido 25 acres de terreno tambiÉn en california, mientras tanto que mÁs de 500 bomberos luchan por incendios forestales. >> el dengue y su expresiÓn letal, continÚan extendiendose por amÉrica latina, gracias al cl clima calurosos y hÚmedo a travÉs de la picadura de un mosquito podrÍan aumentar como lo confirma desde la capital de el salvador. >> el dengue se ha enseÑado con los paÍses de latinoamÉrica en donde hay mucho calor y humedad. >> las islas de cuba y repÚblica dominicana, en el caribe. >> y naciones continentales como mÉxico, el salvador, venezuela y perÚ reportan un humo cada vez mÁs mayor de infecciones. >> la tendencia que va es que se incrementarÁ esperamos no tener mÁs enfermedad en cuba segÚn fuentes de la oposiciÓn el dengue en fallecidos cientos que habÍa controlado una epidemia de cÓlera. >> en el salvador el mosquito transmisor sigue ganando. el paÍs tiene
this morning. drunk and dispondent a mess. this is how a promoter described michael jackson before he died. >> just ahead, what was said in a series of e-mails and how it could be coming up in court down the road. >> it's been a tough topic. gladiator and boxer clearly his best work on dry land. ahead, we will tell you how russell crowe needed to be rescued. >> and we have a tropical air mass that is over us today making it feel very muggy. i will tell you how long the humidity sticks around coming up. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy... but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. >>> new e-mails paint a dark picture of michael jackson months before the death. the l sometimes says -- l.a. times says it obtained e-mails with concerned promoter with aey financing the comeback tour. one called jackson drunk and dispondent and emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with seth loathing and doubt. the company says the e-mails object tanned by the l.a. times we
-mails reveal promoters' concerns with michael jackson's comeback tour. what's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls! that's right get two miracles in one product. covergirl makeup and olay advanced hydrating serum. it's tone rehab 2-in-1 foundatio one pump covers spots, lines, and wrinkles. and one bottle helps improve skin tone overonime. that's what i was supposed to say now. well, no one can understand you. ♪ ♪ tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation from easy -- breezy -- beautiful... covergirl! covergirl! and try new pressed powder to help brighten your skin tone. >> monday morning, labor day. with heavy rainfall over the weekend and flash flooding we will look at some totals from the weekend so far. martinsburg 1.6, woodstock 1.58. morningside, maryland in prince george's county over an inch. we have a few sprinkles on the radar mainly along and west of 95 in parts of prince george's and stafford and western fairfax county. not much happening at the moment but i expect the rain to continue to fill in throughout the morning. some areas around 7:00 and b
. >>> e-mails from michael jackson's tour promoter paint a scary picture of the troubled star as he prepared for his final this is it tour. we'll get all the details coming up. [ female announcer ] kelly tweets, "yoplait light banana cream pie makes my taste buds do a happy dance." ha, ok! get ready for more happy dancing 'cause now all our light flavors are 90 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. ♪ yoplait. it is so good. a thing that helps you wbuy other things.hing. but plenty of companies do that. so we make something else. we help make life a little easier, more convenient, more rewarding, more entertaining. year after year. it's the reason why we don't have customers. we have members. american express. welcome in. >>> welcome back. 40 minutes past the hour. the promoter for michael jackson's comeback tour wasn't so sure the king of pop was ready. e-mails in sunday's "los angeles times" show that the tour director believed jackson was paranoid and obsessive and suggested that a, quote, top psychiatrist evaluate him asap. what else did those e-mails say? >> reporter: well, y
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standing out in the storm? >> looks like he's out there trying to do the michael jackson lean. >> you'll hear at the beginning of this video why he's out there. >> about to go outside. it's raining. >> over the weekend, an enormous thunderstorm hit yuma. they reported 60-mile-an-hour winds, knocked out power to thousands of people. there were some injuries reported. this guy is like, my friend's got a camera here. i'm going to go out and see how my body responds to these winds. you're right, it does look like the michael jackson move from "smooth criminal." the insane is this video has gone viral because of this accident accidental capture of this concrete wall falling down. i think the guy most terrified was the guy inside shooting the video. intake of air. his friends looks back. >> now is the time to stay out there and try that trick again. now you don't have the wind resistance of the wall. >>> philadelphia police are asking for the public's help in identifying some suspects in this nerve racking surveillance video. you see these two suspects come in, hooded sweatshirts on. immedi
subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. michael jackson... would have turned... 544.. ast week....//his... legacy's... alive... in... the moves... of... ...a... baltimore teenager....///in... tonight's... cover story,.../ paul ... gessler ... reports ...whyy.. he.... takes... to the str. streets. morning at lexington market. market. (car horn nat)the bustle of baltimore breaks for a moment. moment. man: "he just completely stopped our entire day, and just captured us."or maybe, forrsome, more than just a mome. moment. womannlaughing: "he's awesome." man... &p woman: "yeeeeeeeeah!"behind crowd. woman: "you got it, baby."wiih slowiig mmves: moves: woman: "dimitri. his name is dimitri."he's a street performe. performer. man: "look at that charisma. he's got the moves. he got the schmooze, man. he know what going on!" on!" dmitri in beeween songs: "it's just like (sound effect), and i wake up andd everybody's here."dimitri reeves issknown around these pa. parts... man: "his cheoreography good. i like it.
, a revealing e-mail trail from michael jackson's final days. we have new evidence of a troubled artist spinning out of control. >>> also later this half-hour, the women of "the talk" promise to take it all off. don't get the wrong idea. talking about their makeup. the daytime hosts want to show the world that bare is beautiful. details coming up in "the skinny." >> what do you think, should we do the show without makeup? >> not at these hours. >> you'd be beautiful. not so much. >> oh, please. get out of here. >>> first, president obama takes the stage in charlotte tomorrow night with personal popularity slipping among women. >> our new poll shows his favorability at 47%, the lowest for any incumbent heading to a convention since the 80s. meanwhile, republican challenger, mitt romney's favorability rating is lower at 43% which reflects a very small nonexistent post-convention bounce. >> the democratic convention opened last night with someone who seemed to have no popularity problems in the least. >> the president wishes he had her numbers. >> oh, yeah. >> first lady michelle obama was the star
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of michael jackson's this is it tore described him to the weeks before he died. descriptions contained in e- mail's obtained by the los angeles times when executive of aeg, described jackson as an emotional paralyzed mess. they were concerned the 50 show tour would be an expensive bust. the times said the messages may pay play a key role in a lawsuit to go to trial this year. >>> before game day and here's something to let your appetite a wing eating contest in buffalo, new york. the winner joey chest and from san jose deboned 191 wings and 12 minutes. that is it for eyewitness news at 11 game day next. goodnight.
about it. it to the trunk this with the summer last year left them glass and michael jackson's appeal appeared with sudden of a picture-perfect proposal for the michigan couple who like to be telling for years. >>> the proposal is different on lake huron and analysis control of the paddle boat hit the coast of responded to the 911 call and tell them that a short period the new fiancee kept playing the romance car. >>> it was written as we up to see the sun said the sky was beautiful. there was just like a plan to pitch as of yet right. >>> not your typical data with nicole. >>> kidnappers on this girl in sailboat. >>> confided up president obama's except as spreads party's nomination appeared >>> the an implicit in this in a double homicide appeared what,, ,,,,,, the crisp northern air of acadia, the falling leaves. the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. when i smell that, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection from air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. >>> to do are dead following a shooting in vallejo. we're not living who is
. >>> welcome back, new documents show michael jackson's concert promoters were seriously worried about his health. there were 52 e-mails on the, this is it tour they described him as out of shape, emotionally paralyzed mess and consumed with did he have doubt. there was -- two students were diagnosed with chicken pox. the first student was diagnosis netted wednesdayp and on muni 27 the second student was daimlerchrysler ago knowed over labor day -- and the other student was diagnosed over the labor day weekend. >>> and 20-cents a gallon, prices held steady but it is almost a nickle a gallon across the country because fuel shortages are related to the hurricane but they will be out in full force looking for drunk drivers. they a rested it is through 6:00 last night through 6:00 this morning and chp will wrap up their enforcement later tonight. >>> 4:55 is the time and a lot of people will be headed to labor day weekend celebration, so later today, folks are heading back from wherever they have been for the holidays you might see them and it is a little foggy so definitely take care a lock t
. >> almost 25 years since the release of michael jackson's "bad." what the jackson state is doing to mark the >> i understand there's a video that's been on the internet a few weeks that has attracted some attention. >> doing damage control,. how mitt romney is responding to the release of a video of controversial comments during a fund-raiser. >> jurors returned to a courthouse in a darke county to deliberate -- in montgomery county to deliver the fate of a veteran who killed his roommate. >> some kids created a video telling other youngsters to pull up their pants. "good morning washington" at 5:00 starts now. good morning, washington. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> its tuesday september 18. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. we could be in for a messy commute.
-threatening injuries.the truck driver was not hurt. some newly-released emails... paint a shocking portrait of michael jackson... just months befooe his death.the emails... obtained by "the l-a times"... were written by a concerned promoter wwth "a-e-g"... the group financing jackson's "this is it" comeback tour. one promoter called jackson quote - "drunk and despondent" and "an emotiinally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt." the emails are expecttd to play a role in two lawsuits involving a-e-g. in repsonse... a-e-g says the emails are incomplete... nd released to portray the company n a negative light. 3 the 11 best days of summer are down to onee the maryland state fair concludes today, and joel d. smith is thhreenow to show us how to get the most out of the last day... rain or shine.good morning joel d. 3 a world record was set at the maryland state fair overrthe we. weekend.maryland's own "handy international seafood" achieved the guiiess worldd record for the world's largest crab cake... weighing in at 3- course you couldn't cook this crab cake without a custom madeedevice...
a giant group photo... featuring thousands of redheads. 3 3 3 coming up... emails about michael jackson... in the months before his death... are released. the eerie details they reveal.and why the person who sent it... is under investigation. and it's not just about the átypeá of beer you drink... what the áshapeá of your beer ddunk you get.you're watching fox 45 good d 3 make-up just isn't for woman it's also for men! jaaaya moore is showing us how to cover tattoos and jooning us live for this mornings hometown hotspot.- how do we cover tattoos? - how long does the total process take? will the mak-up rub off? off? for more inforrationnon covering tattoos log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. coming up... a woman is speaking out... 3&about her relationship with tom cruise... before his marriage to katie holmes.what she says an official at his church was doing... to elp him find a wife.you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4 [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury cre
for a shutdown of the dumbarton bridge. >>> new deals give a glimpse into the final days of michael jackson. >>> its commitment at every committee that until it hit the skids moments as a monster truck skids moments as a monster truck tires okay, what'ya havin? i'll have the build your own burger with a... sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's. wreally wants to be painted? that's hard to paint, we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get $5 off one gallon cans of our best paint, including behr ultra, now through september 5th. >> some terrifying moments caught on camera as an out of control monster truck crashes into the stands full of people. it happened in oreg
the "king of pop's" last days. >>> promoters of michael jackson's comeback tour in 2009 were worried about the pop star's stability, according to some 250 pages of messages obtained by the los angeles times. one e-mail exchange reads mj is locked in his room, drunk. another said, are you kidding me, he is an emotional mess, riddled with self loathing and doubt. they will likely be key evidence in a trial next year. others are asking the judge to nullify other issues regarding the pop's health. they filed a wrongful death suit, accusing promoters of putting too much pressure on michael jackson. >>> and an egyptian in anchor is at issue for wearing a head scarf for the first time today. under the rule of hosni mubarak, they had banned veiled anchors from appearing on tv. the new rules changed. lifting the ban on veiled tv anchors is seen as an end to discrimination. >>> so ahead, what happened to all the water? new concerns about the levee system that is credited with protecting new orleans during hurricane isaac. >>> plus, dramatic images as a fire rips through an historic hotel. >>> plus,
a big upcoming part in an upcoming lawsuit. . >>> some new documents show michael jackson's concert pro mosters were seriously worried about his health before he died. those e-mails reportedly described michael jackson as a quote, emotionally paralyzed mess out of shape and that he was consumed by self doubt. the e-mails may play a big role in lawsuits as well as an insurance company lodged by a tour pro motor. >>> and they are taking labor day to emphasize natural birth. it says the u.s. spends more on maternity care than any other country. they are holding rallies to push the point starting at 10:00 a.m. >>> today is the final day of the harvest wine celebration and in the livermore valley they are opening in addition to wine tasting, food sales some crafts and strengthders can even bottle their own and ticket sales are only $10. >>> south africa had never lost a 200-meter race until yesterday at the 2012, para olympics. allan oh varice a get him on the straight away and beat hip pie 700s of a second. he competed at the london olympics in july. >>> well as many as 10,000 people came t
to his daughters when he died. >>> e-mails about michael jackson's this is it tour reveals promoters were concerned about him before his death. he died in 2009. e-mails published on sunday emerged from a lawsuit. he said michael jackson was drunk and despondent and paralyzed mess riddled with self-doubt. aeg said the e-mails are incomplete. >>> coming up, more on the officer involved shooting we told you about, and focusing in on a different kind of labor, why they are saying women should have more of a say when it comes to decisions about childhood. i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out, but we do use tender chunks of white meat chicken in an herb & spice broth. come on that's it? i need the recipe. you gotta help me out! [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> new questions in a officer involved shooting shooting, why a witness says police accounts of what happened are not
new documents out highlighting concerns by concert promoters about the health of michael jackson in the days before his death. the l.a. times said it obtained 250 e- mails between promoters for michael jackson's "this is it" tour. they report delay described michael jackson as an emotional paralyzed mess, out of shape and con assumed by self-doubt. they also report delay suggested that the 50-show tour was at risk of becoming a very expensive . >>> it is coming up on 10 minutes before 8:00. work is underway to rebuild a part of the great wall that collapsed following a heavy rainstorm. you can see the damaged section of the wall. more than. this section of the great wall was first built between 386 and 557 ad. experts in building techniques are supervising the repair work. >>> one of the largest cities in china is cracking down on get smokers. starting this month, public smoking will mean an $8 fine. the ban extends from shopping centers and public transportation to car wreck ceo par alreadies and internet cafes. the city sent about 200 officers out to enforce the ban. so far 11
. >>> entertainment news. was michael jackson getting ready to perform his comeback concert before his untimely death? coming up next, details of what some e-mails revealed. >> michael phelps can do more than just rack up gold medals. details of how he cashed in big time at the casino. does he need to cash in big time anymore? >> he is winning enough and now he is winning more. save some for the rest of the us.  -- save some for the rest of us. rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. >>> breaking news from pakistan when a car filled with explosives ran into a u.s. government vehicle today. at least three people were killed, 19 others were hurt. officials say the bombers struck the vehicle after it left the u.s. consulate. it was traveling through an area of the city that hosts various i
, michael jackson landed a $505 million en-- $5 million endorsement deal from pepsi. and it would hold that record until two years later. pretty soon bill cosby had the number one tv show in the country, and eddie murphy was one of the biggest box office draws in the world. it became painfully clear what roy eaton had known all along, culture doesn't have a color line. art may be rooted in serb ethnic traditions -- certain ethnic traditions, but an idea doesn't respect boundaries. you can't take a business of ideas and mandate where black stuff and white stuff is supposed to go. the division had nothing to do with talent or even profitability, it was just based on racial assumptions. the only reason blacks couldn't sell to whites was because they were rarely given the chance. but after michael jackson -- [laughter] it's true. but after michael jackson, madison avenue started to reconsider its assumptions. shorting white talent and black talent on opposite sides of the street officially became a terrible idea in 1992. mc hammer was hired to be the spokesman for kentucky fried chicken n.
photo... featuring thousands of redheads. (toss to weather)) 3 coming up... emails about michael jackson... in the months before his death... are released. the eerie details... the reveal.and wwy the person who sent it... is under investigation. heartbreak warfare nats nats break from singing.the g a upcoming event in his life... that's leaving fans in suspense.you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 2)) the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at choosebp.com new this morning... preeident obama will take time off his campaign today... to visit areas hit hardest by hurricane isaac.last week's storm left behind plenty of damage... and a big clean-up job.for some... they'll have to rebuild foo the second time in 7 years... when
migraine formula. >>> michael jackson's concert promoters be able to collect on an insurance policy? that's ahead. e than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. >>> in chicago, nearly 30,000 public schoolteachers went on strike today after ten months of contract talks collapsed. chicago is the country's third largest school district. the strike left 350,000 students in limbo to give students a place to go while their parks at work. the school district opened 144 of the schools for part of the day. churches and other community groups scrambling to help. imagine what a nightmare it is for parents. they're worried more kids on the streets is going to be more problems than usual. ted row lands has the story. >> some worry what do-to-do if the strike conditions. others say their number one concern is the safety of their kids. this first grader spent the first day of the chicago teacher strike watching cartoons with her sister and cousins. she did not play outside because her mom said it's too dangerous. >> because anything can just happen. you don'
of the people in charge of michael jackson's come back concert reveal his bizarre behavior leading up to his death. what they said about his doctor next. >> the secret is out. beer lovers listen up . drink the same beer as the president. head chef released recipes. after receiving an online petition. both beer recipes include honey harvested from the white house's beehive. weep be right back. -- we'll be right back. when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. [ male announcer ] it's time to get more for your money. upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone with our best price online: just $84.99 a month, guaranteed for one year with no annual contract. internet is absolutely imperative for school nowadays. look up this, write an essay on that. my life is greatly improved because of fios. [ male announcer ] don't wait! switch to fios for a super-low $84.99 a month for a year with no annual contract. visit verizon.com/superoffer. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities welcome to life on fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. with resolve deep clean
on apparently a trying summer with the kids last year laughter blasting michael jackson's " beat it " >>> the kids were not embarrassed at all. on the bus and then 1 million people see it on the video. take a peek out side my son is in school, it was a beautiful dead after school today tropical moisture gone beautiful look at the call it tower, look at the temperatures a fall field. the city at 57 san jose at the on the spot in the '60s. we are dry from yesterday. the tropical moisture pushed to the south and east. satellite red are clear now. we are drying out and the stable air over us we look at the direction of the wind, we can begin to get the off shore went that will warmus up, not the case yet with high pressure to our south and low pressure funnels in a southwest flow of air. and onshore flow continues temperatures will be kept in check. a couple degrees cooler than normal. fog comes back again after midnight. tomorrow absolutely perfect both weekend days, in the city nine degrees below average livermore couple of degrees above average. san jose highs tomorrow 79, livermo
. they have some serious moves. it includes tributes to michael jackson's "thriller" music video as well as swiveling their hips just like elvis. >> you have to be careful what you order. >> true. is that dancing or just an isolated incident? >> you have to imagine they knew what they were getting. >> everyone's enjoying it. >> i'm not complaining. >> i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. >>> it's slim pickings for house hunters in poland. architects are claiming the newest home in warsaw is the slimmest property in the world. measured 4 feet at its widest and 2 feet at its narrowest, the owner may have trouble even flipping an egg in there. the creator says he wanted the house to be restricting, something he looks to have accomplished. >>> in england one super serpent has a visit to the vet. so if you thought it was tough to get your kids to a doctor's appointment, try this 23-foot-long python, which required the aid of seven keepers for its annual checkup. it weighs almost 200 pounds and is considered one of the largest i
. pases de baile imitaban a michael jackson y bailando para mantenerse alerta durante su jornada 12d horas en la tarde. estos policías de ley taorn a yas conductores y a los fea tonos de la zona. para terminar un zorrillo a peso to una escuela en buffalo, el animal estaba uso maneraed por ahí. y terminó con la cabeza atorada en un contenedor de plástico, nadie se atrevía, por temor que el jo zorrillo los arañara. lo metieron en un bote de basura. y el zorrillo se sacó la cabeza, pero roceo toda la escuela y les dejó un recuerdo a apestoso. volvemos mañana, buenas noches. al paÍs, por quÉ considera que deben votar por el para un segundo mandato. dijo crear empleo. duplicar exportaciones en 2 aÑlgs. reducir el dÉficit. reducir:nombrar 100.000 nuevos maestros y mÁs. y en realidad no dijo como lo glarÍa. nuestro corresponsal nos acompaÑa en nuestra cobertura. hablÓ mucho, espero dio pocos especÍfico de los que queria lograr. y dijo que no es un camino fÁcil. ni rÁpido. >>> ni fÁcil ni rapido el discurso del presidente esta noche, fue diferente al que dio en el 2008. hay qu
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